Increasing take up of Espresso

I worked with The Economist on a workshop to quickly identify key opportunities to improve take up of their daily bitesize news app - Espresso. The function of the workshop was to act as a blueprint for how to apply the approach & learnings into their own in-house design process.

We interviewed stakeholders and users to understand  how the product could be more relevant to readers, how they would be valuable to the business owners and how they supported the master brand values.

After the workshop we identified a number of new features which we sketched out into paper prototypes. Involving stakeholders at key moments and guiding decisions with research helped to steer solutions in an organic way. We then validated the solutions against the framework identified in the brand immersion. We rapidly got to a point where we could take the ideas into clickable UI prototypes that felt like an extension of the Espresso app.

Without changing the core experience of the App, we crafted enhancements that provided a better 1st time use and introduced a quiz feature to test the users daily knowledge. Using the App more often would not only increase your espresso points but provide a rich dashboard of information around your reading habits.