Digital transformation in mortgage tech

I led the UX design on a digital transformation project for a leading telephony based mortgage broker service. Working with an external research agency, I led the vision; creating digital solutions that improve efficiency and transform the end to end customer experience.

Through a series of workshops and competitor analysis we focused on validating the users needs. Looking primarily at direct competitors but also taking inspiration from companies and products whose features offered customer-centric approaches.

We established a set of hypothesis and set to work on creating end to end flows based on user needs. We identified pain points as they emerged, exploring where mortgage advisors might interrupt the experience and support the user.

I initially created low fidelity wireframes to validate the approach with stakeholders, legal teams and developers. Inevitably the fidelity of the wireframes would be increased to accommodate the level of detail needed on certain parts of the experience. I created Invision prototypes so that we had a product we could now put in users' hands. This proved invaluable to validate all our research and iterate the designs further.

I created several core user flows initially looking at the 'discovery' phase of re-mortgaging on mobile and finally the 'logged in' experience on desktop.