Designing a digital service for .GOV

Working within a collaborative and multi-disciplined team as a UX designer, I focussed on the needs of users, as evidenced by research and user testing. We inherited a service for paying Self Assessment in instalments.

The service initially had very low CSAT scores and low completion rates, which fundamentally was down to an overly complex journey. I was able to validate the users pain points through user testing, reducing the number of screens in the service by over half.

I prototyped the new journey to the latest .GOV design standard using the HTML devkit. With regular iterations of user testing and design iterations we passed all the necessary criteria into public beta and later on the service achieved a live service standard. Working on services that not only solve business needs but actually improved peoples lives has been the most rewarding aspects of working within .GOV

" The HMRC service is excellent. Being self employed can be stressful but to be able to pay my tax bill in instalments is excellent and has really helped me out this year. The service is easy to use and clear to understand. I know I can afford the monthly payments and now I can get back to work without the worry. Thank you so much. "